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Harmonized Icons
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Livejournal icon and graphics community

Welcome to Harmonized Icons, a recently created graphics community dedicated to making icons, headers, mood themes, profile layouts, journal layouts, and generally anything else graphic-related for all of Livejournal and beyond. This community was created by, and is run by magistrates, and can only be posted in by a select few graphic makers. It is currently Friends Only, so please add us to see our entries!

Our graphics are generally of many different themes, varying from movies to video games, to cats, to musicians, et cetera, and as more graphic makers begin to join this community, there will (of course) be a great increase of categories. If you are looking for something in particular, but haven't seen it around, please check out our tags list, or else leave a comment anywhere suggesting what sort of graphics you would like us to make next. Our members' input is always acknowledged.

As with all communities, there are a few simple rules we ask members of Harmonized Icons to follow:
• Please do not hotlink any images
• Seemingly plain graphics are generally not bases, unless the creator has specified it in their notes
• Taking credit for our designs isn't accepted in any way
• Comments & feedback in general is very much appreciated